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  • Mission

    Ensure safe situation for all children and they live with all rights and privileges ensure under law and culture.

  • Our Vision

    ACDS envisions a world where humanity is founded upon freedom, dignity, and hopeful happiness of children, women and not upon abuse and exploitation. ACDS is to act as facilitator, enabler and motivator towards this end.



Short Stay Home

Most of the children are living in quarries and crushes with their parents are vulnerable to break their education due to their parents agile to other quarries for seeking job and some time they wish to visit their native. Thus good member of children push to become drop out from schools. To arrest and control the drop out children among above mentioned population and also in order to continue education to those vulnerable children without any obstacles, the ACDS has short stay home which is the home away home for migrant children where the children could stay as home and meet all their basic needs and make them go to regular schools from short stay home. As on today 15 boys and 10 girls were benefited from short stay home. The main aim of the short stay home is to send children to regular schools from short stay home through which the migrant children can get regular schooling.

The ACDS is doing tremendous services to the children particularly to migrant children through the short stay home. In short stay home the children were provided following basic needs such as accommodation, food, shelter, and cloths ect by ACDS. In addition to this all the children were provided good opportunity to learn through educational exposure. So they were often sent the children to various educational places with staff for gaining practical knowledge.

The parents are also very happy to send to short stay home for their children’s learning and visiting their children at regular interval. Above all they feel free and concentrate their work because of the short stay home. Therefore this is the home away home exclusively for migrant children.


3/429, Sathankuppam,
Kelambakkam – 603 103,
Kanchipuram District,
Tamil Nadu, India.

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